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The beach at Lake Verona (Donaldson Park) is closed to swimmers. When the beach reopens we will update this notice. This temporary closure come about as result of water quality testing.

June 24, 2019

Regular Council Meeting: 6 p.m. 

Location for all meetings:

Council Chambers
123 E. Pine Street

(The Council Chambers are directly behind City Hall.)

Proposed Amendments to the Charter of the City of Avon Park

The City Council is in the process of proposing amendments to the city charter. The city charter serves as the City of Avon Park's constitution, outlining how the city's government is organized and works. The residents of Avon Park can view these amendments at this link: Charter Amendments

The city's residents may attend one or both of two city council meetings when the amendments will come under consideration. The first meeting occured on June 10, 2019. The second meeting takes place on June 24, 2019, 6 p.m. All meetings of the City Council take place in the Council Chambers, located at 123 East Pine Street, which is directly behind City Hall.  Read the document at the link above for more information. Or, visit the City Clerk. You can visit the City Clerk in his office at City Hall, 110 E. Main Street.

Memorial Drive Road Closure

Highlands County's engineering and roads departments will close Memorial Drive at its intersection with College Drive starting 7 a.m., Monday, June 3rd.

According to Highlands County, road workers will send northbound traffic approaching Avon Park west toward SFSC on Independence Street. Motorists will then drive west on College Drive, where they can continue their trip north on U.S. 27.

Avon Park drivers heading south will get directed eastward at Cornell Street to State Road 17, where they can continue their trip to Sebring and points further south.

Motorists can opt to bypass Memorial Drive altogether by using State Road 17 or U.S. 27 for the entire length of their trip to and from Avon Park. The construction of the new Sebring Parkway roundabout requires closing the roadway. For more information, motorists may call Highlands County at 863-402-6529.