​​​​Avon Park, Florida operates under a City Manager / City Council form of government, with five City Council members, including a Mayor and a Deputy Mayor. City Council members serve three-year terms. The Mayor is selected by vote of the citizens of Avon Park. The Mayor has the same authority and voting power as the other City Council members, chairs the meetings, and is the head of government for all ceremonial purposes.  

The City Council meets regularly at 6:00 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month* in the City Council Chambers, 123 E. Pine Street. Regular meetings are televised on the local cable television system.

The City Council also serves as the CRA Board.  The CRA Board meets regularly every 4th Monday of the month* at 5:00 p.m. or soon after in the Council Chambers, 123 E. Pine Street.

*Special meetings and/ or workshops may be held on additional dates and will be noticed.   

For additional information regarding other City meetings not mentioned here, please email bbarwick@avonpark.cc or call 863-452-4405


City of Avon Park  - Elected Officials

                                                                                                               Garrett Anderson, Mayor​                                                                                                                                                                                                              Term Expires: November 2019                                                                                             Email- ganderson@avonpark.cc

 Brenda Gray, Deputy Mayor
 Term Expires: November 12, 2018
  Email - 

​​Terry Heston, Councilman
Term Expires: November 12, 2018
Email -

         Jim Barnard, Councilman         
                                                                                      Term Expires: November 2019                                                                                  EMail 
-  jbarnard@avonpark.cc​

          Dora Smith, Councilwoman         
                                                                                                          Term Expires: November 2018                                                                                                       

 EMail -  dsmith@avonpark.cc​

12112017 Regular Council Packet

ARCHIVED MEETING PACKETS                                   

8072017 Mall Beautification Committee

 07242017 Regular Council Packet

052217 CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING Packet with Agenda

022717 Regular CRA 

021317 Regular Council Agenda and Packet

021317 Main Street CRA Special Meeting Packet

012317 CRA by Council Agenda and  Packet

012317 Revised Agenda And E 15

012317 Regular Council Agenda And Packet

012317 Regular Council Agenda And Packet Section E12--E14

010917  Revised Agenda with Attachments

1092017 Regular Council Agenda and Packet

01092017 Regular Council Agenda   Revised

 01092017 Regular Council Agenda Revised #2

121216_CRA Special Agenda With Packet-

121216 RegulaCouncil Agenda Revised-

121216 Regular Council Agenda With Packet

112916 CRA  Agenda Revised

112916 Regular Council Agenda And Packet

112916 CRA Main Street Agenda  And Packet  

  111416 Regular  Council Meeting Agenda And Packet- 

102416 Regular Council Packet-_

102416 CRA Agenda and Packet- 

101016 Regular Council Meeting 

092616 Regular Council Meeting Packet

091216 Packet With Revised Agenda Part-1

091216 Packet With  Revised  Agenda Part-2


0725160 Regular Council Agenda And Pack

071116 Regular Council Agenda with Packet

070516 Special Council Meeting agenda w Packet-

06/27/2016 Notification - There will be no CRA Meeting.

061316 City Council Meeting Packet

052316 CRA Board Meeting

052316  City Council Meeting

050916  CRA Board Meeting Packet With Agenda

050916 City Council Meeting Packet



042516 Revised Agenda w Resolution 16 14 


041116 Agenda Regular Meeting City Council    Begins 6:00

041116 City Council Packet

032816 CRA Board Packet    

032816 Agenda CITY COUNCIL  

032816 City Council Packet-  items 1-16   

032816 City Council Packet -  items 17-22

032816 Item E-23  

CRA Plan Airport

CRA Plan Main Street

CRA Plan Southside 

031416 City Council Packet 

10-11-15 Fire Assessment Council meeting Audio recording.

022218 CRA Board Meeting Packet   5:30 PM

022216 City Council Agenda   6PM

022216 City Council Packet 

020816 City Council Regular Meeting Agenda

020816 City Council Packet

01-25-16  AGENDA

01-25-16 REVISED AGENDA #1

01-25-16 Packet

AGENDA ITEM B SHADE SESSION for 1-25 -16 meeting

AGENDA ITEM E-10 Ordinance 01-16  Annexation of 24 parcels  for 1-25 -16 meeting​​​

AGENDA ITEM E-12 Ordinance  02-16   Amending Chapter 50 Fire for 1-25 -16 meeting​

AGENDA ITEM E-13 Ordinance  03-16   Amending Chapter 54 Law Enforcement for 1-25 -16 meeting​

AGENDA ITEM E-14 FDOT Agreement for N Central Ave + Resolution for Mayor Signature #16-03 for 1-25 -16 meeting​​

01-11-16  CRA Board Meeting Packet   Meeting begins at 5:30 PM

​​​01-11-16  Regular City Council Meeting Packet   Meeting begins at 6:00 PM​

01-11-16  Revised Agenda #2 for Jan 11 2016 Council  Regular Meeting  

​​01-11-16  Revised Agenda #3 for Jan 11, 2016 Council Regular Meeting  (Click here for packet)

01-11-16  Revised Agenda #4 for Jan 11, 2016 Council Regular Meeting

​Agenda Item E-12  Piggyback Manatee County School Bid for Parks and Recreation Equipment

Agenda Item E-13  Ordinance  02-16   Amending Chapter 50 Fire 

Agenda Item E-14  Ordinance  03-16   Amending Chapter 54 Law Enforcement

Agenda Item E-15  Scarborough property Addendum & Revised Buyer Closing 

12-14-15 Regular Council Meeting Agenda

12-14-15 Agenda Items A1-E11   

12-14-15 Agenda Items E12-E16   

​12-14-2015 Agenda Item E-15 Supplemental Information

11-23-15  5:00pm   Joint Southside CRA Advisory Board & CRA Board meeting    

11-23-15  5:30pm   CRA Board Meeting  

11-23-15  6:00pm   City Council Meeting  

11-9-2015 Regular Council Meeting Agenda & Packet10-26-2015 Regular Council Meeting Agenda & Packet   

10-26-2015 Regular Council Meeting Agenda Revised #1  (updated 10-26-15 11am

10-6-2015 Updated Fire Assessment Database

10-14-2015 Special City Council Meeting of Fire Assessments for Public Hearing

10-14-2015 REVISED #1 Special Council Meeting Agenda (added B-5 and B-6 ---  see below)  

10-14-15 REVISED #2 Special Council Meeting Agenda (added B-7 see below)  THIS IS THE FINAL AGENDA

10-14-2015 AGENDA ITEM B-5:  LSF Engineering Settlement

10-14-15 AGENDA ITEM B-6:  Construction Agreement with new Contractor for Airport Drainage

10-14-15 AGENDA ITEM B-7:  DUKE ENERGY easement

10-12-2015 Revised City Council Agenda

10-12-2015 City Council Packet with agenda​​


092215 Special City Council Meeting

09142015 Regular Council Packet with Agenda


082415  City Council Regular Meeting Packet  

​081015 City Council Meeting Packet

081015 Updated "DRAFT" Fire Assessment Report

081015 Updated Searchable Fire Assessment Database

072715 CRA Board Packet  

072715 Regular Council Meeting Packet   

Southside CRA Expansion (Agenda Item: E-17 of Council packet)

Fire Assessment Searchable data base

071315 City Council Special Meeting Packet   

Budget Cover LetterCity Draft Budget RequestedCapital Improvement Plan


Fire Assessment Final Report

062215 CRA Board Packet    

062215 Regular Council Packet   

062215 REVISED Regular Council Meeting Agenda

060815 Special CRA Board Meeting   


060815 City Audit Presentation

060815 City Financial Statements

060815 City Governance Communication

060815 Final Fire Assessment Report  

060815 Fire Assessment Searchable Database   

052615 CRA Board Special Meeting Packet & Agenda   



052615 Special Council Meeting Packet & Agenda   

052615 REVISED Special Council Meeting Agenda WITH ITEM # E15

Avon Park Fire Rescue Assessment Study (Draft)

Avon Park Proposed FY15 Fire Assessment Rates

Searchable record of proposed Residential & Commercial Fire Assessment Roll

051115 Regular Council Packet & Agenda  


042715 REVISED Agenda with newly added agenda items   

042715 Regular Agenda & Packet

041315 Regular Council Agenda & Packet

041315 Revised Agenda City Council Meeting

041315 Agenda Items E-12 & E-13 for revised agenda above

041315  Currently approved policy manual (without changes)


041415 Planning & Zoning Agenda Package

032315  CRA Board Meeting

032315 City Council Meeting

030915 Regular Council Agenda & Packet  

031015 Planning & Zoning Workshop     

022315 CRA Board Meeting Agenda & Packet      

022315 City Council Agenda & Packet     

022315 Revised City Council Regular Meeting

Agenda Item E-12 Environmental Consulting Services

Agenda Item E-13 Piggyback purchase of front end loader

Agenda Item E-14 Purchasing Manual REDLINE of changes

020915 Regular Council Agenda & Packet  


Item D-6 for packet:  ABATE Special Event Application Agreement


012615 CRA Regular Agenda & Packet   

012615 Regular Council Agenda & Packet   

012615  Council Yearly Presentation on MS4 Permit NPDES  

 01132015 P& Z  Agenda Package

011215 Council Agenda Packet

122914 Special Council Meeting

120814 Council Agenda And Packet  

120814 Notice of Meeting of the City Council with    

Closed Executive Session


112414 Council Agenda & Packet  

112414 Agenda REVISED



111014 Agenda Item F-16/Buyback Program (part of packet above)

111014 Notice of Special Meeting/ Shade Meeting 


Museum/ Community Center lease agreement

102714 CRA Regular meeting Agenda &Packet

102714 Regular City Council meeting Agenda & Packet 

2014_FRDAP Agenda Durrah Martin Project  5:00 pm meeting

2014 FRDAP Agenda Lake Tulane  5:15 pm meeting

10/13/14 Council Agenda and Packet

10/13/14 Agenda Item F-10 (Ordinance 22-14 back-up info)



Agenda Item # F-17 Main Street CRA Findings Report- (this is part of the 09-22-14 Council agenda packet)

Brickell Building, 2 E Main St, Certified  Appraisal   (Full Version)

090814 Council Agenda and Packet Part 1

090814 Council Agenda and Packet Part 2

082514 CRA BOARD Agenda Packet    

082514 City Council Agenda Packet  

082514  Council Agenda Item E-13 Lake Verona Drainage Agreement

08/11/2014 City Council Agenda and Packet

8/11/2014 UPDATED Brickell Building Acquisition contract    

072814 @ 5PM CRA Board Agenda & Packet

072814 @ 5:15 PM Joint City Council / Planning Zoning Workshop

072814 @ 6PM City Council Agenda & Packet

07/22/14 AGENDA Special Meeting Workshop// Main Street CRA Plan

Main Street CRA Plan Draft #2 Findings 

7/14/2014 Agenda & Council Packet

Certified Appraisal

7/10/2014  Special City Council Meeting Agenda- Budget Workshop

7/10/2014   DRAFT Budget for FY 2014/2015

6/23/14 CRA Board Packet

6/23/14 City Council Packet  

6/09/2014  Council Packet

6/09/2014  Special Meeting CRA Board

CRA Main Street Findings Report Draft #1 

5/28/2014   Auditor Governance Letter

5/28/2014   Auditor Report/Financial Statements for 2013

5/12/2014  Agenda and City Council Packet