Donaldson Park

Dotted with huge, shady oaks, this park is located at 109 E. Main St on Lake Verona in downtown Avon Park across from City Hall. The playground consists of Playground equipment, restrooms, shaded shelters, boat ramp and a large white sandy beach area. Perfect for Picnics or even a party.

Aline McWhite Playground

Named after the oldest living resident within the Southside area, this neighborhood park is located at 240 E. Hal McRae Blvd.  The park has available public restrooms, basketball court, picnic pavilions and playground equipment for little ones and larger climbing equipment for middle-school aged children.

Lake Tulane Park
Good fishing crystal clear lake located at 200 W. Shoreline Drive.  The park has several picnic pavilions and a white sandy beach area. This lake is also used by scuba enthusiasts.  This park has wide sidewalks winding around portions of the lake for walking exercise.  This lake is also one of the oldest lakes in North America. 

Durrah Martin Complex
Located at 620 S. Self Street behind the Winn Dixie Store. Consists of playground equipment, shaded shelters and four Baseball Fields.